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to our first batch of The Nas Academy

The course

  • <strong style="font-weight: 900;">Small group</strong><br/>hands-on learning

    Small group
    hands-on learning

  • Location:<br><strong style="font-weight: 900;">Singapore</strong>


  • All aspiring<br><strong style="font-weight: 900;">video makers</strong>

    All aspiring
    video makers

  • <strong style="font-weight: 900;">1 month</strong><br>part-time

    1 month

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    “This video course in Singapore will spill the secrets of making meaningful videos. And we welcome students of any skill level!”

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    “It’s important to know what makes content creation work — from scripting, shooting, editing to publishing. Trust us, this video course in Singapore will teach you many tricks.”

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    “It’s time to kill boring videos! Let us show you how to do content creation right.”

Explore The Program

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  • story telling, scriptwriting, content creation


    Learn how to convey a story through simple words, and with a good structure.
  • camera work, videography

    Camera Work

    Learn how to shoot from different angles, use different framing techniques and benefit from location, lighting and audio tips.
  • video making, video editing

    Video Editing

    Learn how to edit using Final Cut Pro, add music, transitions, colour-grading and subtitling.


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each of them has more than a million views online Movie card image
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    I’m Agon, creator of Project NightFall, with a mission to make videos for a more compassionate world. Through open-hearted storytelling, my videos have resonated with almost 200 million people. My specialty is in scripting, but I also have a wealth of experience in shooting, editing and publishing videos.


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    I’m Alyne, creator of Dear Alyne. As one of Facebook’s most popular female creators, I make videos about women-related matters, animal rights and travel. My Facebook Group — Girls Gone Global connects over 127,000 women from around the world.


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    I’m Ivan and I manage Reel Ivan, a Facebook page which has more than 40,000 followers today. I love to make videos especially about fitness. My best-performing video is not about fitness though, it’s about “The Search For Inspiration” and has more than 136,000 views. My strength lies in shooting and editing videos — especially using After Effects.


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    We’re Justin and Julian, and we’re twins! Previously, we made videos as a hobby, but now it’s our full-time passion. On our Amores Twins page, we make videos about our travels, our thoughts and our dreams. Our specialty is definitely in shooting and editing!


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    I’m Nuseir, creator of Nas Daily and founder of The Nas Company. After creating 1,000 videos in 1,000 days, I was inspired to build the best media production company. My videos have reached over 4 billion video impressions, views and engagements globally. I know how to help you reach the right audience, and trust me, it always starts with the script.